Biggest Liar in Ghana

Biggest Liar in Ghana

The Biggest Liar in Ghana is an upcoming Ghanian reality game show slated to stream on Netflix in 2023. The game is based on various versions of the Belgian TV series De Mol having aired in various countries, the most recent being the Mole on ABC (and later) Netflix.

The Biggest Liar in Ghana is a reality competition in which contestants must work together to add money to a pot that one contestant will win in the end. One of the contestants is marked “the Biggest Liar in Ghana” and is responsible for sabotaging the group’s attempts to add to the pot. The contestants in the running are whittled down at the end of each episode when the contestant that knows the least about the Biggest Liar in Ghana is eliminated.

The Biggest Liar in Ghana Format

General Information

Contestants of the Biggest Liar in Ghana will have been strangers at the beginning of the competition, meeting one another slightly before the first challenge. There will be twelve players gathered to compete, with one being designated “the Biggest Liar in Ghana” by the show’s producers. Over the course of the show, their responsibility is to create discord among the group, sabotage their attempts to add to the pot, and throw contestants off regarding their identity as a mole.

Biggest Liar in Ghana

The contestants be placed in a lavish property and will receive a bag to hold their belongings as well as a small journal as a safe place to keep their thoughts about other contestants as well as information that they are able to gather over the course of the show. Each week, players will each take a multiple choice test containing information about “the Biggest Liar in Ghana” and the actions that they may have taken to sabotage the group. The player who scores the lowest on the exam will be eliminated from the game, which will continue until there are only three contestants left in the competition. The two players, along with “the Biggest Liar in Ghana”, will participate in their last challenges. The highest score between the two contestants will win the game and receive the accumulated prize money. The show will consist of 11 episodes streaming weekly with a reunion special planned to follow.


Each week, the contestants will receive a new mission to potentially add to their prize money. These missions will range between memory games, physical challenges, mental challenges, and more with challenges typically increasing in difficulty as the competition continues. Generally, missions will yield a range of cash prizes depending on the level of success, while some missions may amount in a penalty if the group fails to complete their task. While each mission will include the group working together for some common goal, there are a variety of differences between the formats. For example, some games may require that all players in the group succeed in their tasks, netting no money if any fail. Other missions may require only one player to successfully complete the goal.

Some of the more difficult missions will provide a variety of advantages for the group or certain group members who performed best. For example, a group member who performs highest in the mission may receive temporary immunity, a small bonus prize, or a clue that may help them determine the Biggest Liar in Ghana’s identity.


Aside from the general format of the game, there are a few rules that competitors must abide by. There is a curfew in place for contestants that the group may be penalized for breaking as it may lead to unfair advantages among team members. Players may also be penalized for discussing forbidden topics that may also lead to advantages.

Players cannot keep their phones or devices through the duration of the competition either as to prevent further sleuthing that may lead to unfair advantages in game, meaning that they can only use their journals to keep notes and intel. In some cases, groups can elect to use small amounts of the prize money to purchase clues, additional intel, extra time to complete missions, etc. One of the biggest rules is that contestants answers to the test questions must remain a secret. However, contestants are encouraged to communicate with one another about their insights and opinions on who “the Biggest Liar in Ghana” may be.


All players take a multiple choice exam at the end of each episode on the identity (and characteristics) of the Biggest Liar in Ghana. Questions will typically include observations about the Biggest Liar in Ghana, ranging from their appearance to the actions that they may have taken to sabotage the group. Players are then led to the Elimination Party, where the group member with the lowest score on the quiz is eliminated. In the event that two players have identical lowest scores, there is a tie breaker round where the pair will answer additional questions within a shortened time period.

Following the player with the lowest score’s elimination, the Elimination Party commences. At the Elimination Party, the remaining players honor (or shade) the leaving contestant as well as work on their game for the next mission.

The Finals

When there are only three contestants remaining (two players and the Biggest Liar in Ghana), the game will transition into a battle royale game type to determine the winner. First, there will be a final gathering in honor of the fallen contestants. Afterwards, through a collection of quizzes, physical, and mental challenges, the players will accumulate points. The winner will be determined by the player who receives the most collective points in the challenges. If the Biggest Liar in Ghana wins overall, the winner is the player who holds the second most points overall. The pot can range from up to a million dollars to a mere few thousand depending on how well the group performed up until the finale.

More About the Biggest Liar in Ghana

The Biggest Liar in Ghana is a greatly anticipated reality show that many fans of similar programs are excited to tune into. Tune in for more information about the show, its contestants, similar programs, and more through this site.